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If you’re struggling in life to find direction, if you’re a little lost or maybe you’re just looking to improve yourself and maybe pickup a new skillset along the way then you’ve come to the right spot.

First, let me introduce myself. I am a former small business owner, a former door-to-door sales rep with a fortune 50 company, and currently I work in IT as a desktop support technician. I am currently studying programming and computer science, where one day I hope to work in Cyber Security and maybe even open my own business again. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to such places as Russia (Moscow), the U.K., Qatar, Malaysia, and my personal favorite Singapore.

But I wasn’t always clear on what I wanted out of life and I certainly had no clue how to get where I wanted to be, wherever that was. So, if any of this sounds familiar to you or maybe you’re just looking to hone your path or potentially up your sales game, then stick around a bit and checkout my blog posts below. If you enjoy my content please consider subscribing to my YouTube linked here. Be sure to follow me on my other sites in the "MY LINKS" tab in the upper right.

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Entrepreneurs Hacking Life

Come Join the Group!

About the Group: New Group Added! This is a place to learn, grow, share, improve and expand on your life &/or sales experiences. Help others better themselves by sharing your experiences and hopefully better your own along the way. Share your content, advertise and promote yourself. I have come to realize there aren’t many groups that allow this. I’m different. I believe that you should be different too! Be unique and become the ultimate you. Come join the conversation today!

Challange Time! I challange you to join the group and comment one goal you plan to achieve this week! (linked here) As always, if you found any of this helpful, consider subscribing and check out my other links above, where I post regularly.

Hacking Sales! - 3 Tips on how to avoid unethical sales techniques

Sales Training | 3 Core Tips

Tip #1: Always be genuine, honest and forthright from day 1. Being dishonest may snag you a few easy sales early on, but not only will you probably not be able to look yourself in the mirror in the morning, but it also looks bad on you and your company and will burn your reputation and any potential for referrals. And referrals in your pipeline are how you make the big bucks and not come up empty on rainy days.

Tip #2: Believe in what you are selling. You have to truly believe what you are offering can and will bring added value to the prospect. If you don't truly believe in what you are selling than you will sell very little of anything.

Tip #3: This should really be broken into 2 tips; which are -don't copy what others are doing as much as just trying to find your own unique approach. There is nothing wrong with trying new approaches, but if you try something and it just feels awkward, then you may not have the right personality to pull it off. There is nothing wrong with that, just find what works for you. Be unique and different in your approach.

And lastly -there is no substitute for experience. There is no better way to improve on and hone your skills and craft then going out there and trying. If you're anything like I was, you will probably fail a few times, maybe even a lot, but it isn't how many times you failed that is important, it's how you improved and learned from your failures that will make you successful.

Challange Time! I challange you to comment on the above video (linked here) what type of sales position/company you're in and that you pledge to always follow these core values. As always, if you found any of this helpful, consider subscribing and check out my other links above, where I post regularly.

Hack your life! - Top 4 Books to turn your life around

These 4 books helped change my perspective and turned my life around!

I have attached a link to the book title where it can be purchased via my Amazon Affiliate page (see bottom of site for more details). So, if you want to support me and grow at the same time, consider using them, but even if you don't support me, support yourself by reading these books.

#4 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.
This book is one of the best places to start once you understand yourself a bit more (the last book on this list will help with that). Great advice for both personal and professional development. This will help you on your journey to make a positive change in your life.

#3 The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.
I use to think making $20 last over a week or counting how many transactions I could make before an overdraft meant I was good at managing money. If this sounds like you or if you just struggle with managing your money, savings or find yourself in a lot of debt this is a must read book for you.

#2 How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
This book is number 2 on my list for just how much power is contained in these lessons. Whether you're in a sales position, on a comittee to win over others, or just trying to be better at getting your point across in your personal life and relationships you will find all your answers here and then some.

#1 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson.
This book is number 1 on my list as it has definitively made the greatest impact on how I conduct myself, view myself, view the world and hands down has had the most positive overal changes in getting control of my life and knowing the direction forward.

Challange Time! I challange you to pick at least one of these books and comment on this Instagram post "Challange Accepted!" with the title of the book you chose.

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Hack your life! - The 4 Step Challenge

Don't let the day pass you by without doing at least one thing to improve yourself or put yourself closer to achieving your vision!

1. Sort out your past, any difficult things you still think about or struggle with or have bad dreams about. Anything you regret or feel anxious about that happend to you in your past, even from just yesterday. Try and pick at least 5 of the most impactful and write them down (preferably on paper) about what happened and how or what you may have been able to do/react differently, if placed back in those situations. This will allow your brain to move past them so it doesn't hold back tomorrow.

2. List your top 5 best and worst qualities/habits to understand your current self better, to be able to utilize your advantages and avoid/improve on your shortcomings.

3. Write down where you see yourself in 10 years. Create your perfect vision from house/living arrangements, career, education, finances, any and all accomplishments you would like to have at this point. Continue doing the same things, working backward from those 10 years to 5 years, 1 year, 6 months, 1 month, 1 week until you arrive at today. Write out what you can do today. Visualize your dream on paper so you can actualize it in reality. Most people don't have a difficult time considering their dreams and vision, but often struggle with not knowing how to get there.

4. Now write out a hypothetical hell that you may find yourself in if you allow your worst habits to go unchecked in 10 years from now instead.

Congratulations! You have now worked through your past to untangle your path forward. You now know yourself better and know your strong points and weak points. You have constructed your own personal heaven and hell. But with that comes the path forward. Now, you may be struggling to write out all of the above. It's certainly not an easy task, but that isn't a bad thing. It took me almost 3 months to do the same. Taking your time on these is especially important as you want to be thourough, meaningful and truthful to yourself. If you can do these, you will absolutely accomplish all you set your mind to!

Challange Time! I challange you to complete just the above 4 steps and comment in the video above (linked here) "Challange Completed!" Also, if you feel you need more details on what I mentioned here or even if you have accomplished all I mentioned and are looking for next steps and more life advice, watch the YouTube video I made above. If you found any of this helpful, consider subscribing and check out my other links above, where I post regularly.

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